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Explore our Repeat Script Service, designed for convenient medication continuity, subject to eligibility as assessed by our doctors.

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    Stay connected with your healthcare journey. Our Repeat Script Service ensures your treatment continuity with ease and convenience.


Repeat Script Service Overview

In response to patient needs, a convenient Repeat Script Service has been introduced by selected doctors.

This service allows for the provision of a single prescription for an ongoing medication to their existing patients, for a flat fee (not covered by Medicare).

Designed for ease and efficiency, the service enables patients to seamlessly continue their treatments. The process is streamlined and patient-centric, ensuring timely access to necessary medications. It’s important to note, however, that eligibility for this service is determined by the doctor.

  • Streamlined Prescription Process: The Repeat Script Service simplifies the process of prescription renewal, offering convenience for patients to continue their treatment without interruption.

  • Patient-Centric Approach: Tailored to patient requests, this service reflects our commitment to responsive and considerate healthcare provision.

  • Continuity with Your Doctor: No need to seek care elsewhere. Stay connected with your doctor, ensuring consistency and personalisation in your healthcare journey.

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