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Please call the clinic for more information at 9407 8500.

Services Included

Bed-Wetting Services

We have our own sets of bed mats lent out to patients with bed wetting issues. This service is managed by one of our lovely practice nurses.

24 Hour BP Monitoring

Measuring your blood pressure regularly is important, especially as it helps prevent diseases such as hypertension and hypotension. Our clinics offer 24 hr BP Monitoring for to better manage patients with these conditions.

Skin Checks

While protecting your skin from UV radiation is the best defence against skin cancer, it is also important to regularly check your skin for new or changed spots. About 95% of skin cancers are treatable if found early.

Pregnancy Care

Antenatal Care

Delicate times need extraordinary care. Antenatal care is the type that you receive during your pregnancy from your health professionals. It’s sometimes called pregnancy care or maternity care and your GPs are an appointment away.

Paediatric Services

At this practice we have 2 peadiatrians who cover a wide range of specialties such as:

Paediatric and newborn growth and development
• Unsettled infant and child sleep difficulties
• Feeding difficulties
• Constipation
• Bed wetting
• Eczema, asthma and wheeze
• Learning and attentional concerns
• Challenging behaviours
• Abdominal pain
• Headaches
• Adolescent medicine [read more]

This practice also has an allergy peadiatrician specialist who has a special interest in the following:

  • Food allergies,
  • Hayfever
  • Eczema
  • Immune deficiencies. [/read]

Women's Health

Contraceptive Implants

Contraceptive implants are available with your doctors.

Menopause Care

Some women try to treat their menopause symptoms with over-the-counter products but your GPs will create a plan tailored to your specific needs for a more personal approach.

Dr. Marita Long specializes in these consultations, to make a booking, please call reception asking specifically for a menopause consult.