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My child has a cough, so what's wrong with the syrup?

As winter approaches, many parents will be bracing for the cold and flu season. Young children typically get at least six colds a year.

In previous generations, parents might have reached for the cough syrup to relieve a dry or chesty cough.

But we now know cough syrups aren’t very effective at treating children’s coughs. [read more]

And amid mounting evidence of harms from poisoning and deaths, many countries including Australia have restricted cough medicines so they can’t be given to children aged under six.

What’s in cough medicine?

Active ingredients in cough syrups vary depending on their claimed benefit. They can contain cough suppressants (dampening the body’s cough reflex), expectorants and mucolytics (both of which help clear phlegm).

Other medicines marketed for cold and flu often contain decongestants (to relieve a blocked nose) and sedating antihistamines to relieve sneezing, stop a runny nose and to aid sleep. [/read]

Your GP is moving to Private Billing

Effective 1 August 2022, the doctors at this practice will move to private billing, and each doctor will determine their own fee after the consultation.

Payment will be required at the time of your consultation.

Children 12 years and under will be bulk billed. Children 13 and over will incur a fee. [read more]

Health Care Card Holders and Pensioners will incur an out-of-pocket fee.

Government-funded immunisations will continue to be bulk billed. Non-government-funded immunisations will incur a fee.

Common fees are listed below, along with the Medicare rebate and the out-of-pocket expense. Our receptionists can process your Medicare rebate at the time of payment on the spot or process it through Medicare automatically into your nominated bank account within 48 hours.  [/read]

Complete Skin Co Opening March 2019

Complete Skin Co. operates within Rivergum Village Medical Centre

At Complete Skin Co. We offer the latest technology to treat various skin conditions including acne, rosacea, vascular including leg veins, sundamage, scarring, pigmentation, and general rejuvenation. [read more]

All treatments are performed by a qualified dermal clinician, supported by General Practitioners.

Medical Grade lasers have been scientifically proven to benefit these skin conditions. [/read]


The truth about Menopause

Watch the entire video featuring your GP Dr, Marita Ling for an in-depth discussion about the truth about Menopause.